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Health Benefits of Ginger

Time for a quick health-oriented post, today, I’ll show you the ginger root.

Ginger root has some of the same characteristics as cayeene pepper. Just like it, ginger root is a diaphoretic, this means it promotes the sweating of our bodies. Because of its warming effects on the body, and its “seductive image”, ginger is also counted among the natural aphrodisiacs that can get things going.

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger (rhizomes) is a natural antihistamine, opening constricted bronchial tubes and congestion from colds and allergies. Like cayenne pepper, it is providing relief to people suffering from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis by reducing inflammation. Other ginger benefits: it stimulates alertness, the metabolism, and activates agents which act as anticoagulants for the cardiovascular system. Also, the ginger root is a strong antioxidant. It helps prevent colorectal and ovarian cancers and boosts the immune system.

Because of the strong effects on the circulatory system, ginger root is believed to augment the male sex drive (hence the classification as a natural aphrodisiac!). This is believed to result in longer erections and orgasms.

Ever heard of a Ginger Diet?

Other health benefits of ginger are that it helps to reduce cholesterol, and is an appetite suppressant. So those who are watching calories should know adding ginger to their diets will better their chances of success.

Ginger for Motion Sickness

For those of you who only know ginger from such products as ginger ale, ginger beer, or ginger candy – well, there’s a lot more to it when you buy it fresh. Ginger root has small amounts of protein, calcium phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium and magnesium. All good and healthy things that can help with numerous things, for example nausea.

The most active ingredients of the ginger root, shogaols and gingerols, actually neutralize stomach acids. It is common knowledge that most of the benefits are not in the ginger plant, but in the root. So we can say that:

  • Ginger root helps with a tummy ache from eating too much,
  • Ginger: motion sickness reliever,
  • and yes, ginger even helps against morning sickness. It helps to relieve the nausea and dizziness from morning sickness.

All you have to do is drink it as a tea or add it to a fruit shake. It also helps relieve menstrual cramping.

Buying and Storing Fresh Ginger

You should look for firm roots and as few knots when you buy ginger. The color should be brownish with no white mold on it. Store the fresh ginger unpeeled in a plastic wrap in the refrigerator vegetable crisper – you can keep it fresh up to three weeks in there. You can also store ginger unpeeled in the freezer for as long as six months.

Ginger History

Ginger has been used in China for millions of years for medicine. The ginger plant, naturally grown in Southeast Asia, is now grown all over the world, with Jamaica being the leading cultivator of the ginger root. China, India, and Africa are next in line.

During the fall of the Roman Empire, ginger was scarce but when Marco Polo took his voyage to the far east, he brought back ginger and it became a very expensive spice at that time.

Oh, and it was Queen Elizabeth I of England that has been given credit for creating gingerbread!

Now here is the ginger recipe as promised:

Sautéed Cucumbers with Ginger

We are going to make a delicious dish that you may have not heard before. Do give it a try though, it’s a great experience!


  • Cucumbers (2x)
  • Fresh ginger root (2 tablespoons)
  • Fresh mint (1 branch)
  • Fresh basil (1 branch)
  • Vegetable oil (2 tablespoons)
  • Salt to taste


  • Cucumbers: Peel, cut in half, remove seeds
  • Ginger: Peel, cut, mince
  • Mint and basil: chop finely


  • Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the ginger and cook about 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Then add the cucumber pieces and distribute as evenly as possible in the pan. Cook, stirring occasionally to prevent browning until the cucumber pieces begin to look slightly translucent. About 5-7 minutes.
  • Toss in the mint and basil leaves, and continue to cook for another minute. Add salt to taste.

Serving for 2 very happy friends or loved ones.

I hope you give ginger root a try, because it’s not just healthy, it also tastes great!


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