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How To Bake A Cake

Welcome, today we’re going to show you how to bake a cake. For this cake, we are going to preheat our oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is approximately 180 degrees Celsius. Let that warm up all right so what we first need to do is take our pan and would you butter itthis is so that the cake wont stick to the pan once its finished baking you dont need too much butter as you can see a little bit goes a long way youwant to make sure that you do the sidesthis is a very simple butter brush its really great for helping you to butterthe pan you can also take the paper off of your butter and use that and steer it into the pan as well so this will stop the cake from sticking to the pan but ifwe left it with just the better than the cake would also get very greasy so afterwe finish this turn almost down here be sure that all the areas cover togetherand I also like to just smooth the top area in case the cake comes over alittle bit that way it wont stick to there either all right so now the butteraside and then what I have is just about 2 tablespoons of flour Im just going tosprinkle that in and then what were going to do is were going to Pat it sothats the flour shifts around all the sides you can do this over a bowl of youlike so that you can catch the flour a bit better Im just letting it fall on atable heretada one nicely flower buttered in flour tocake pan ready to use so now were going to just clear off my cakes space here sothere is our pan that were going to cook our cake in buttered and flouredthe butter prevents the cake from sticking to the pan and the flourprevents the butter for making the cake too greasy so well just set that asideand now were going to make the cake batter youre going to need two bowlsand were going to use six eggs and we need a cup of sugar a cup of flouryoure going to need one teaspoon of lemon extract and one tablespoon ofvanilla extract youll need one teaspoon of baking powder and one teaspoon ofsalt alright so now what we do first I liketo mix the flour the dry ingredients first so you take your cup of flour andyou add your teaspoon of baking powder and your teaspoon of salt and thentheres a neat little technique for stirring it if you just twist the spoonaround then it will mix it all nicely through there for youyou always want to mix your dry and your wet ingredients separately beforeputting them together there we go that is mixed enough so well set thataside and well use it in a little while before we put these away and we alsoneed a spatula okay so now what were going to do is we are going to mix theeggs separately were going to separate the eggs so you take the egg and youcrack it over the large bowl and then youre going to separate the eggs weregoing to let the egg white go off hold on to the egg yolk and separate the eggand then put the egg yolk in here its okay for the egg white to go in with theegg yolk it is not okay for the egg yolk to go in with the white there you havethe reason is because were going to actually be fluffing up the egg whiteand egg yolk stops your egg white from fluffing up it has grease in it fat init that doesnt fluff whenever youre making a cake you always make sure thatyou pull your hair away from your face so that none of your hairs will fallinto the food and that youve washed your hands thoroughly with a good soapto make sure youre not passing on any bacteria everything you want to havenice and clean and hygienic because as you can see my fingers do touch the eggso you want to make sure that it is clean there are special eggs separatorscups that you can get where you put the egg in it and all the egg whiteoverflows and the egg yolk stays behind but I find this just as easy and itsaves you having to buy an extra tool heres our last eggthere we go all right Ill just put this aside and wash my hands again all rightso now we have our egg white and our egg yolks so the first thing I like to do isI like to put the sugar already into the egg yolks so one cup of sugar and 1tablespoon of vanilla extract I like to use lots of flavor in my cakes you canuse less if you like and one teaspoon of lemon extract and Ill just let that sitin there while Im fluffing up my egg whites so there youve got the yolk thesugar the vanilla and the lemon extract so Im just going to put that soft andIll move over this one and were going to fluff up our egg whites all righthere we goyou can tell when your egg white is ready simply by tilting the bowl and ifit follows you like that its not ready yet you want a stiffall right lets have a look so there is our egg white and as you can see itsnot floating and even you can turn it upside down thats how you know itsdone and I want to make sure you do that carefully or else its going to fall onthe table all right so that is finished so were going to set that aside Imgoing to take back our egg yolk mixture and were just going to mix this tillits really nice and creamy and frothyI have an extra fluffyand the trick to coming out and up not spraying it everywhere its just asyoure pulling it up to slow down the levels okayso well set that aside and here we go look how nice and creamy and frothy thatis so now what were going to do is were going to put this mixture into ouregg mix into our egg white mixture so pour that in using our spatula a woodenspoon would work also I like a spatula because in a moment youll see how weregoing to fold it all together and it just keeps everything nice and light andfrothy I have a very old Tupperware spatula here and that you can use anykind of spatula a silicone ones nowadays are really good all right try scrape outas much as you can waste not want not write that aside now we have our mixtureand were going to just fold it gently so were not going to be stirringroughly because that would get rid of all the beautiful bubbles weve had verygently folding it over and we dont need to fold too much just to help to get abase going there now were going to add our flour mixture that we made and werejust going to simply sprinkle a little bit at a time and fold that in thereSam folding it in as the egg comes up it will simply absorb the flour to getreally nice batter you want to make sure all the flour is absorbed so you dontend up with cake with lumps of flour in it sprinkling the rest of the flouragain we just want to do it in stages so that we keep everything nice andlight and fluffy since their last bit of flour going in just going under comingout holding up letting the flour stick to the egg mixture and were creatingour cake batter and our oven is nice and warm now so be ready for us to put ourcake in – now I was saying teaspoons and cupsI know many of you are metric and literally I dont actually use ameasuring system I just grab a teaspoon that I would use to stir my tea with Igrab a tablespoon that I would use to drink my soup with and I use a cup thatI would use like you saw just simply to drink out of this is a very versatilerecipe its very flexible if you want a fluffier one you add more egg if youwant it a more dense one just add more flour very versatile you can add or takeaway sugar to taste and the same with the vanilla and the lemon alright so wehave a nice fluffy batter mixture here were going to put that into our cakepan so here we have our cake panyou can use any kind of a pan Ive used cereal bowls as long as theyre ceramicor metal or glass you dont want to put any plastic in the oven but ceramicmetal and glass are fine always make sure theyre clean of course scrape outas much as you can Im going to take advantage of it I like using the side ofthe bowl to help me remove the batter from my spatula set that aside and justspread out the cake mixture into the corners when youre filling up a cakepan you want to your cake pan to be half way full with the batter then you knowits not going to overflow and it should fill up the size of your cake pan nicelyif you find that your oven is not cooking the Centers of your cakes verywell you can always add a pate an icing rose it looks like a metal nail with aflat top you turn upside down place it in there and itll distribute the heatevenly all right so Ive got this all nice and even there we goand Im just going to wash my fingers and then well pop it in the up allright so lets put our cake in our oven make sure you use your oven mitts so youdont burn yourself and you want to have your oven rack inthe center and you want to place your cake in the center of the center rack sothat your cake will get even heat everywhere over this and were going tolet that cook for 20 minutes and then were going to come back andhave a look and see if its ready alright now lets go and clean our bowlsso we can make some icing while were waiting all right so our cake has justreached its 20 minutes were going to take a toothpick a wooden toothpick andjust see if its ready so we use our other gloves again Oh at the oven itslooking really good and were going to just with our toothpick perk into thecenter and pull it out and they came up nice and clean try again in another areacame out nice and clean and here perfect so this one was ready look at that inabout 25 minutes it took me a little bit just to getready so well put that away well let that cool downall right now a tip that Ive learned because we sometimes have problems withflies in our houses I dont have any problem with that right now but this isa great way to keep your cake cooling just put a nice small towel on top ofyour cake and it can cool and its own pace and itwont dry out and no bugs will get to it so thats how I cool my cakes and youwant the cake to cool completely before we ice it or else your icing will justsimply melt on it and itll be easier to get out of the cake pan if you just letit cool completely so Ill show you what it looks like once its completelycooled now well go back to making our icing.

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